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Early summer morning

I love working in the wee hours on a spring or summer morning. The mountain air is still cool and crisp. The wildflowers have fresh dew on their delicate petals and there's an overall sense of peace among all living things while the songbirds gently pipe their sweet chords into the air.

Morning portrait sessions are calm and happy. And this one was no exception. I am so happy to finally release images from my "grand opening" portrait contest.

Chelsea, Craig, and sweet baby Layla were the lucky participants who won. They spent their session with lots of good cuddles with their baby girl while she giggled and smiled while their little dog, Nugget, was running around.

Sweet baby girl loves cuddles from Momma.

How precious will these memories be in the years to come?

Chelsea & Craig,

Thank you so much for participating in my contest. I am thrilled with the images that we created!

Contact me today to start designing your custom portrait session!

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