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Crimson clothes and radiant smiles

Graduation from high school is a special time for families…. Especially when your family is rad and loves to throw a good party with good food!

Dozens of guests, friends, and family made appearances to celebrate Donovan’s accomplishment through school and onto college… film school, nonetheless! How exciting is that!

Angela and I corralled guests and family members, for well over an hour, in the mid day heat to ensure that we created dozens of beautiful portraits for her family.

Afterwards, mostly everyone (except the hard working photographer! ;) ) indulged in some ewll deserved cold beer. Angela hired a private catering chef to whip up some delicious oven fried pizzas which were made right on the spot. Together, the whole group laughed and joked well into the evening. The kids rough-housed and played hacky sacks while the adults joyfully mingled relaxed.

We were able to document so many special moments that evening… from the beautiful 5 generation family photo, entire group images… down to Dirk the dog in his bowtie. I’m so happy that Angela chose to have this special event photographed. How else would you go back to these kinds of special moments?

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