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Bringing Scotland to Canada

I was fortunate enough to meet Karen through my work with Kyle Hamilton Photography. Karen wanted to create images of her family while she had the chance. You see, her little boy is growing quickly just as her nephews are. Her parents, who live in Scotland, spent a bit of time visiting this summer and her Dad is celebrating his 60th birthday.

We met early in the morning at Maiden Lake. The smoke filled the sky and casted a beautiful golden glow around the foliage and off the water. Though it was sombering to see that much smoke in the air, it sure made for some beautiful light.

Together we were able to create images of the boys making sand castles and playing with their family…. Images of sweet hugs and tickles and sticky faces from fresh crisp fruit and muffins.

Surely, Karen and her family will cherish these images when their boys are grown. Time has a funny way of robbing us of sweet memories and precious moments… for we all know that

“we take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”

— Katie Thurmes, The Stories We Tell

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