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Sterling Acrylic Prints

I'm sadden today. It is my last Sample Saturday, for the time being but guys... I really think I saved one of the best for last. Although, I love each of my products and print samples for a variety of reasons... This one takes my breath away whenever I see it. This is my Sterling Acrylic Print. These prints are fantastic. They are contemporary, unique and overall just brilliant!

My Sterling Acrylic Prints are printed on a metallic paper which is attached to Masonite board. The metallic paper yields a subtle yet eye-catching shine and luster to the image. Anchored on the backside of the Masonite board is a 3/4” thick frame that rests against the wall which gives a floating impression to viewers.

Furthermore, a thick coat of clear acrylic (a Plexiglas type of material) is then laid on top of the image. This gives your print a high-end and museum quality appearance.

The images here do not do this piece justice.

Call me today to talk about creating YOUR own custom artwork pieces for your home! <3

I want to give a shoutout to Lexi and Ashlee​ for allowing themselves to be real, vulnerable, and authentic in front of my lens. THESE are the images worth remembering. I adore the level of trust found in this shot.

And thanks once again, to Buds & Blooms​ for the beautiful flowers! <3

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