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Canvas Gallery Wrap

Today's sample is showcasing my Canvas Gallery Wrap. This canvas far exceeds your standard printed canvases. Printed on durable canvas material, then hand stretched over sturdy natural pine bars, your Canvas Gallery Wrap will look beautiful hanging on your wall!

My Canvas Gallery Wraps are reinforced with a front facing board to keep your image sturdy and durable throughout the years. The back is finished with a cover and bumpers to keep your walls safe! It is then completed with a wire hanger that makes installation a breeze. There is a special linen texture finish that gives it the perfect finishing touch.

With my sample canvas, I feel totally comfortable handing it, transporting it, and moving around without the feeling like it will fall apart at any moment. It is sturdy, authentic, with just a touch of a rustic nature that appeals to many! This would be a *perfect* wall art item for your littles room! It's lightweight nature would keep the walls safe when they are playing...and keep you from worrying about causing an accident if it were to fall (unlikely). Studies show that children's self esteem is boosted when they see their own portrait on the walls at home. So why not put up a portrait showcasing your love for them?

Let's talk today about creating custom artwork for your home!

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