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Framed Prints

Today's Sample Saturday is hosting my framed prints!

These loveies are expertly framed and assembled by some of the best in Northern America. Hand crafted with secure and tight corners, this frame is sure to last for years to come. Cotton mats are archival, promising never to stain or damage your fine prints. The completed display feels traditional, classy, and elegant.

I am always so thoroughly impressed when I see these guys hanging on my own wall. I love these particular frames so much that I used a beautiful framed print of my personal (landscape) photography work last year in a print competition! (I may or may not have won... ;) )

Framed images give any room a finished touch that makes a house feel truly like home. When ordering your own framed print you have different options to completely customize your order including:

Frame Style, Frame size, Mat selection, Glare-resistant acrylic

I also have a slew of samples of both frames and mats for you to touch and feel so that you can truly design your own piece.

Let's talk about creating fine artwork for your home!!

Thanks again to Buds & Blooms for the wonderful spring flowers!!

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