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Signature Folio Introduction

Today's sample is my Signature Folio. I adore this folio. It's simple, classy, and unique. Forget the cheap $8 frames from your local grocery store... these really catch your eye. The Signature Folio well built by professionals and built to last. Your choice of 2 or 3 images are mounted between a cover of your choice. It sits and feels just like a hard-backed book, just without the pages!

It looks beautiful sitting on a coffee table, nightstand, bookshelf, or even next to a computer in an office. Each order includes your choice of a cover between linens, faux silks (as pictured, isn't the grey beautiful?) and leatherettes. You can also add engraving!

Each image that is presented in a folio is matted as shown; this limits the amount of wear and tear that can happen to a print over the years, as the prints are very well protected and permanently displayed. The Signature Folio is a perfect gift for Grandparents! It's lightweight, conveniently sized, sturdy, and beautiful!

Thanks again to Buds & Blooms for the gorgeous arrangement!

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