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Not good enough to fill a frame...

I read a story a while ago and it's has pulled at my heart strings since. I've yet to forget it even though I read it some time ago. You can find the link below. The author of the short story describes an incident where her son had taken a picture of her that she loathed. She claimed to have a number of different characteristics that most would consider 'flaws'. But her son in all innocence beamed at his mother because she looked so beautiful to him in his image. She was absolutely beautiful to him! He loved the picture!

Powerful isn't it?

All too often we fall short of the standards set in our own heads.

We may not even verbally admit it (Or even mentally) but ladies, and a lot of you guys.. You know what I'm talking about.

You look in the mirror and you feel contempt. You feel like the junker car that someone could leave a dent in, walk away, and nobody would notice.

You may lift up the flab under your arm or behind your thigh and sigh in disgust and begin to wonder how you got this way. Or you may look at the lines setting in around your eyes and curse the ever advancing calendar year that never seems to slow down and you fear it's dragging your skin with it.

BUT... if someone else had your body, you would tell them: "YOU are BEAUTIFUL. YOU are AMAZING. YOU are POWERFUL. YOU are worth nothing but HAPPINESS. You ROCK those yoga pants, girl!"


But in your head, those rules don't apply to yourself.

You don't feel those things and you certainly wouldn't say them to yourself.


You won't wear that dress or that swimsuit and you CERTAINLY won't be in any photos.

But where do we draw the line?

Your children will want those photos of you just as the little boy in the story adored how his mother looked despite her own negative feelings towards her body.

Your children won't see the dimples, folds, wrinkles, or rolls.

They'll see how you smile at them.

They'll see how you knew exactly where to tickle them to make them burst out in giggles.

And when they are adults looking at those images - they will see how much you LOVED them and always will.

So today, I dare you to muster up the courage... and step in front of the lens, not behind it on your cell phone.

I know it's a bit scary but how would you feel if the only pictures your children had of you, once your time has come, are the ones that you took?

Your 'flaws' won't matter then.

What will matter is that your children have images of you and how bright your eyes get when you smile, or images of you dolled up and still beaming before your glory days.

Give your children memories to cherish and a way to remember those moments.

Invest in prints.

Invest in your family.

Invest in your memories.

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