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Heirloom Album

Before opening, I had the pleasure and responsibility of choosing prints and products for my clientele; products that they would cherish for decades, prints to bring you back to a memory from years ago, and most of all products that will withstand the wrath of time and all of weapons time uses against printed images like warping, fading, discolouring, and so on. I had to carefully choose not only the best products that are available to professional photographers but also the best printing companies available only to professionals.

I believe in my products and print options full heartedly. These are prints that your grandchildren can and will own. So I have decided to dedicate every Saturday for the next couple weeks to introduce my products. This Saturday to start off, I have chosen to introduce the showstopper... and boy is it ever.

My "Heirloom Album".

Guys, I cannot adequately express just how high quality this album is. When I first opened the box, I thought there must be some mistake... Surely, someone had put bricks into the shipping box as it was so heavy! Nope, that was just the album. The pages are thick and made from a sturdy foam core, they won't warp or tear when your littles want to flip through your album with you; and surely, when your grand-littles (Is that a word?) want to see images of their parents and grandparents, these pages... your images will be there.

The cover chosen for my sample is a leatherette, though I do have many options available upon designing such as linens and faux silks. The leather, however, feels so timeless and elegant. The cover itself is thick and solid, like that of a book that should be sitting in a historical library.

I would love to meet with you and show you my Heirloom Album as well as my other BEAUTIFUL samples that I have available! Check back here next Saturday for the another Sample Saturday!

Thanks to Emily & Cal for participating in this session! And a special thanks to Buds & Blooms for the beautiful spring flowers!!

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